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On The Mark Claim Adjusting, Inc., founded by Mark Hobales, is committed to assisting Floridians in their recovery journey following the havoc wreaked by hurricanes. Our exclusive focus lies in the comprehensive assessment of hurricane-induced damages. Our diverse clientele encompasses hotels, office complexes, gas stations, municipal facilities, shopping centers, and residential properties.

Our distinguished reputation stems from our adeptness in expediting and optimizing insurance recovery for our clients during times of loss. Over time, we've provided invaluable insurance recovery guidance following numerous hurricanes.


What distinguishes On The Mark Claim Adjusting, Inc. is our unparalleled expertise in damage assessment and valuation. Our team is uniquely trained not only as licensed public adjusters, but also as adept insurance professionals. We possess an in-depth understanding of the ways structures suffer in windstorms and have the skills to ensure that insurance carriers compensate for these damages.


Our comprehensive approach, encompassing initial assessment to claim resolution, empowers us to streamline and enhance the recovery process for our clients, maximizing both speed and results.

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